What Is SEO In Digital Marketing – Beginner’s Guide 2020

What Is SEO In Digital Marketing – Beginner’s Guide

What Is SEO In Digital Marketing
Today the dynamics of business have changed as compared to the past. Businesses are free to reach out to a large audience with the help of digital resources. 
People are now aware of the power of the internet and most of the buyers prefer to research online before making a purchase decision. 
However, the fact that most of the brands don’t focus on the importance of SEO, they eventually lose thousands of serious buyers. Thus, such businesses are often left behind in that search engine rankings by the competitors and they can’t add value to the business. 

What Is SEO And How It Works?

SEO literally means search engine optimization. Basically, you need to follow some rules and guidelines to optimize your business site in a way that secures a top spot in the search engine rankings
To achieve your goal, you need to make your website easier to navigate, user friendly and faster. In fact, SEO is a framework rather than a simple process, as you need to go through a set of controls and stages.

How does Search Engine Optimization work?

To improve the organic ranking of your site, you need to understand the way SEO works. SEO basically optimizes your business site on your targeted search engine such as Bing, Google, YouTube or Amazon
More specifically, you need to ensure that the search engines push your site at the top so that customers can reach you. 
The algorithms of the search engines consider various factors including loading speed, relevancy to the query and authority of your website. 


SEO marketing holds great importance in this competitive world of business. Millions of users get facilitated by search engines each day. 
It helps people to resolve their problems by providing specific solutions.
You can use SEO to drive search engine traffic for your online store, blog or website.
Here’s why search engine optimization is important for your business:

To Drive Traffic 

A good number of search engine users would be clicking on the websites that appear among the top 5 results.  
Your website should appear at the top of the search page to attract the attention of customers towards your website.

Improve User Experience

If you use good SEO practices it means that you are improving the usability and user experience of a website. 

Develops User’s Trust

You cannot deny the fact that users trust those websites that appear among the top search results.

To Promote Your Website

If you want to promote your website, you should consider SEO. People will prefer to share your website on their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter) if they find your website as a result of yahoo or google search.

Helps To Stay Ahead Of Competitors

SEO can help you to beat your competitors in terms of search ranking. As far as the sales are concerned, websites with search engine optimization perform better as compared to their competitors.
To build a sustainable online business you need to create SEO friendly content by following SEO best practices. In this way, you can improve the organic traffic of the site in the long run.

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