Tools You Need To Stay Productive – working from home

Tools You Need To Stay Productive

Remote working has always been popular among people who don’t like to work in an office-based environment. However, now more and more people are looking for remote productivity tools amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

This crisis has affected a large number of people around the world. Businesses, markets, and government organizations have halted their operations. This problem has affected the world both personally and financially.

So, to deal with this situation, businesses have now moved their operations to work from home. If you are one of those who are looking for work from home productivity tools, we have listed the best amongst all.

working from home

Tools You Need To Stay Productive

Best Work From Home Productivity Tools

Google Online Suite

The Google suite is an online platform that allows its users to create, share, edit, evaluate and provide feedback to collaborate with other users. Moreover, his tool can be used to create and edit datasheets, documents, presentations and make hangout chats. So, the tool makes it easier for remote teams to collaborate and share work in a real-time environment.   

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Writers are often looking for tools to boost their productivity. Dictation software is an essential tool that cuts down a significant amount of time. So, you don’t need to type every word of your content writing tasks.

However, the dictation tools can be used by everyone and Dragon Naturally Speaking is one of them. Businesses can save a huge amount of time while writing newsletters, notes, and emails. On top of that, the tool lets you complete your pending tasks on the go with mobile apps.


If you are looking for a collaborative task management tool, Trello is the best amongst all. The dashboard lets the team leads to assign, organize and track the progress on your projects and individual tasks daily.

Thus, Trello makes it possible for remote teams to stay productive without losing track of individual tasks. The team managers can use the tool to provide details and guidelines related to the tasks and assign a deadline for the team members. In this way, you would be able to deliver your projects on time. 

Today social media is considered one of the essential mediums to promote businesses. It is often impossible especially for remote workers to individually manage their social media campaigns. So, you need a good social media management tool to do the job for you.

Buffer is one of the best tools that let businesses to schedule their posts to be published as per their requirements.

The best thing about these tools is that you can connect various accounts with it.  

Buffer has built-in browser extensions, performance analytics, and collaborative management modules. So, they can keep their social media accounts posted with the latest updates. 

Screen sharing is one of the essential tasks that is required by all remote teams. So, a good screen sharing tool comes to the rescue in this situation.

Teamviewer is a popular screen sharing tool that is widely used by thousands of people around the globe. It turned out to be a game-changer for remote workers who need to get help from others in certain situations. 

Teamviewer also facilitates you in organizing, managing, and storing their screen sharing sessions. Besides, you can use it to conduct audio/video meetings online. 
So, our list includes the best work from home productivity tools. You can rely on them amid the Corona virus crises to improve your efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of your team. 

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