How To Use WhatsApp On Your Desktop

How To Use WhatsApp On Your Desktop

WhatsApp is a popular messaging application that is used by billions of people around the world. A majority of smartphone users currently rely on the messaging service to communicate with their friends and family.

It can be used to send and receive voice notes, pictures, text messages, videos and also allows you to make phone calls. So it is a useful feature to communicate with other people, especially in the workplace.

Now you don’t have to switch between your pc and smartphone to chat with people. As you can focus on your client report, article or whatever task you are doing on your system.

WhatsApp for desktop was first announced back in 2015, but still, some people are unaware of this feature. If you are one of those who are interested to access WhatsApp from your desktop then here’s how you can do that.

How To Use WhatsApp On Your Desktop

What Is WhatsApp Desktop?

WhatsApp desktop is a useful program that has been designed for people who are familiar with using WhatsApp. It allows you to receive notifications directly to your desktop and you can use keyboard shortcuts during a chat session.
As a matter of fact, it brings the features of your smartphone to the desktop. such programs were already available for years from numerous software makers, thankfully WhatsApp has now officially launched its program to provide the same functionality.

Conditions For Using WhatsApp For Desktop

To use this program on a desktop a user needs already installed and activated version of WhatsApp on a smartphone. The desktop version then shows the history of your messages from the mobile device. 
Note: Users need to connect their mobile devices to an active Wi-Fi connection. It is important in order to avoid the unnecessary usage of your mobile data allowance.  As long as you are using WhatsApp you need to make sure that your mobile stays connected to the internet.

How Can I download WhatsApp on my desktop?

First, you need to download WhatsApp on your system to directly access WhatsApp. To begin the installation process, open the WhatsApp website on your PC. 
Moreover, you can also use the Apple App Store or the Microsoft Store for downloading the desktop version. To download the app, your PC should either be running windows 8.1 (or higher) or macOS 10.10 (or higher).

How Can I Use WhatsApp On My PC Without Phone?

  • Once you’ve downloaded the program on your system, run the file to install WhatsApp.
  • Those who are using mac will allow WhatsApp to add the application into your application folder.

  • Open WhatsApp for desktop and log in by scanning the QR code.

  • For Android, go to the chat screen >> More Options >> WhatsApp Web.

  • For iPhone users (iOS 8.1) go to >> Settings >> WhatsApp Web/Desktop.


Previously, people just relied on the WhatsApp Web to use the messaging application on the PC. The WhatsApp for desktop version has been introduced to replace WhatsApp Web. 
Although both versions are somehow similar in terms of features, WhatsApp for desktop performs better in terms of performance and features. 
However, WhatsApp for desktop lacks some functionality that is available on smartphones. For instance, the desktop version doesn’t allow WhatsApp users to share their location or send WhatsApp invites to other people.

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