How To Earn Money With URL Shortener – Expert Guide-2020

How To Earn Money With URL Shortener

There are thousands of social media users, website owners, bloggers who work online. People think that making money is a tough job when it comes to online sources. It’s because not everyone is equipped with highly paid technical skills.

However, there is a general misconception that you can only get paid by answering questions, posting articles, and sharing affiliate links. But many of them are not aware of the fact that there are some easy ways as well.

You can still make money online by shortening long URLs of different websites. The best thing about this job is that you don’t need to own a blog or be an expert in a field.

How To Earn Money With URL Shortener - Expert Guide-2020

How Do I Earn Money With URL Shortener?

Many of you maybe wonder how you can make money with a URL shortener. Although you don’t need to dig deep into the details, here is a simple explanation. The URL shorteners collect, analyze, remake, and resell domain-specific data and statistics.  
So, the URL shorteners are then used by the businesses to place advertisements by charging a monthly membership fee. Furthermore, they also have an opportunity to earn from advertisement-based revenues. 
Its because advertisers pay them to drive traffic towards their website. The revenue is then divided between the promoters and the URL shortener

Best URL Shortener Websites In 2020

Today everyone is looking for ways to make money with a URL shortener. If you are on the same boat, here is a list of 5 best URL shortener websites

1. URL Shortener to Earn Online URL Shortener to Earn Online
Finally, the last one of our list is a popular URL Shortner, It is pretty much easy for novice users to get started on this website. You simply have to create an account to start earning money.
The best thing about this tool is that it is 100 % free. 
While the referral program allows you to earn a 30% referral bonus. Thus, it is a great way to earn some extra money at hand. Link Here . Click

2.  Best URL Shortener to Make Money  Best URL Shortener to Make Money

MiniURL is a URL shortener that makes it easier for you to earn up to $250 per 10000 views. The signup process can be completed in less than a minute. However, the payout rate is different for all countries. So, you can make a good amount by working form the comfort of your home.

Link Here. Click

3. Shrinkearn

Earn money on Shrinkearn

Shrinkearn is a free tool facilitates advertisers in creating ad campaigns and banners. This service offers up to $20 per 1000 views. 

This service has a specific administration panel that can be used to control everything with a single click. On top of that, the Live Stats reporting system enables you to check the performance of the shortened links. Link Here. Click

4.  Highest Paying URL Shortener  Highest Paying URL Shortener is one of the widely and highest paying used URL Shortner on our list. This one is completely free that allows you to earn around $20 for 1000 views. Also, the ever-increasing rates of attract users from all over the world. 

Link Here. Click

1. Thin.At Short URL

If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable URL shortener service, consider Thin.At. This service is best for those want top-notch support, live stats, on-time payments, and high rates.
Thin.At provides on-time weekly payments which are paid via Bank Transfer and PayPal. Moreover, you can complete the registration process within minutes. Users can also recommend others to earn a 22% commission.

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