Boost Your Productivity With Microsoft Teams When Working From Home

Boost Your Productivity With Microsoft Teams When Working From Home

Boost Your Productivity With Microsoft Teams When Working From Home
Since you are working in a relaxed environment, work from home offers its own benefits. However, it is quite easier for remote employees to get distracted if you don’t take care of your routine. Microsoft 
Team is a collaborative tool that boosts the overall productivity of your employees who are working from a remote location. 
You just need to keep in mind some tips and tricks to stay productive throughout the day. In this article, we will discuss how Microsoft Teams can be used to improve your productivity.

Dedicated channels for everything

Microsoft teams organize conversations in channels. it allows you to set up channels based on your interest in a particular discipline, project or topic. Anyone in your team can access the channel.

Chat with your co-workers while working

Microsoft Teams makes it easier for anyone in the channel to join a conversation. But to chat with the subset of the group, simply select their usernames to begin a conversation. 
You can use the @ sign to mention someone in a group. Moreover, the tool lets you like a comment so that you can refer later to it at some point.

Meetings in moments

The users can either use a private chat or the channel itself to start a video chat. Teams in an organization working from a remote location can invite people in the chat to collaborate on a different task. 
People who missed the chat can head over to the history section to track the conversation and shared files.

Stay in touch with everyone

No matter where you are you can use the Microsoft teams mobile app to stay in touch with your co-workers. 
The android and iOS applications help you to stay connected on the go. These apps are available on the App Store and Google Play.

Collaborate on files with co-workers 

Microsoft Teams provides access to Microsoft 365 collaboration capabilities to everyone in the channel. 
You can upload files within the chat to share them with your team members. they can view, edit and discuss content within the files in Microsoft Teams.

Get your favorite tools 

All the services and tools needed by your team can be set up with tabs. Microsoft Teams comes with built-in support for notes and files. It allows you to add custom tabs in PowerPoint presentations.

Set your favorite channels

You need to have lots of communication when you are working in multiple teams. You can add some frequently accessed channels in the favorite section to keep them at the top. 
These channels will help you to stay updated with the information that you need to know.

Keep in touch with actions

Its pretty simple to stay up to date by using the activity log. Notifications enable you to keep track of all the changes in a specific conversation. Some examples of notifications are likes, reactions and @mentions.

Expression of personality

Microsoft teams ensure effective and expressive communication between team members with the help of stickers, GIFs and customized memes.

You can do much more with Microsoft Teams

Again, we have only listed some ways to boost your productivity with Microsoft Teams. However, Microsoft Teams packs many useful features besides those we have mentioned.

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