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Best Affiliate Marketing Niches In 2020

There are millions of people around the world who are interested in affiliate marketing. They are probably aware of the fact that it is an incredibly profitable business. You can earn an insane amount of money simply by creating social media posts, running a YouTube channel or a blog. 
But sometimes it is challenging to find a profitable niche for Affiliate Marketing. It has been observed that around 90 percent of the profit is simply driven by 10 percent of affiliates worldwide. 
This article will guide you to choose the most profitable niche that suits your interest. Let’s get started!
Best Affiliate Marketing Niches In 2020

Affiliate Marketing Niches You Should Choose in 2020

Health Niche

No doubt the health niche drives a lot more traffic than other niches. One of the best things about this domain is that even a nonpractitioner or guru can cover health and fitness. However, it would be an added advantage if you hold some relevant certifications. You can still make a big amount while researching about health and fitness. A better approach is to write product reviews to guide others. 

Dating & Relationship Niche

No one in this world can ever deny the importance of relationships. Many of us would be willing to spend thousands of dollars on a piece of relationship advice. The US industry generates around $2.5 billion with dating & relationship advice. 
The best thing about starting an affiliate business in this niche is that you can simply use a platform to foster interaction between people. 

Wealth & Investment Niche

Today people are more interested in investing money as compared to the past. However, many newbies don’t know how to invest their money in the right place. So, you can start an affiliate marketing business to guide them. It is an evergreen niche where you can influence people by providing financial tips on choosing the financial product that fits their needs. 

Pets Niche

If you are someone who owns pets or just a pet lover, consider jumping into the pet niche. Those who have worked as a vet can share their experiences with others. You can guide people on how to properly take care of the pet. 
There are tons of affiliate program managers who would be interested in a partnership with your blog. It is the best way to earn a good monthly income with your love for pets. 

Music Niche

Almost all of us have a favorite artist or genre. Music and film making is one of the two popular domains in the world. One of the best affiliate marketing strategies is to write a song or a review. I am sure there would be thousands of people who are interested to read the latest updates. Considering creating a movie or song review blog and review the latest releases. There is a good chance that you can earn an authentic following by sharing your original opinion. 


If you are one of those who are looking for the best affiliate marketing niches in 2020, this guide will help you in choosing the right one. Today, affiliate marketing is considered as one of the most preferred ways to reach a wider audience.  
However, it’s now up to you what niche you think would be beneficial for your affiliate marketing business. Don’t try to jump into multiple niches at once. You can gradually explore other niches with time. 

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